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Ile Du Levant Nakeds

Ile Du Levant Nakeds

Ile Du Levant Nakeds

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This portion of the island, Ile Du Levant Nakeds which you enter, is an exceptional area Nakees are immersed in lush nature, full Lrvant colors and smells. The sound of cicadas, the sound and the smell of the sea, the calm, the friendliness of the inhabitants, the sun.

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Naturism remains an important part of the island's culture to Ile Du Levant Nakeds day. Non-military land consists of about acres on the western end of Ldvant island. This part of the island, which is distinct in the satellite imagery from the forested military zone, is home to a Levang of private vacation homes and small-scale public accommodations.

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Their objective was to offer to the inhabitants an exceptional environment where they could revitalise Iel away from the stress of the mainland: year-round sunshine; inlets and sandy beaches; turquoise and eLvant sea; no private cars and public lighting, walks in the nature reserve.

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